Free Workshop for Billets & Parents of elite Junior hockey players

Back on the Ice – The ONE thing your player needs from YOU this season.

Tuesday, November 23 @ 8:00pm EST [Toronto / New York] via Zoom

Practical strategies for supporting your athlete & their success in uncertain times.

Junior hockey is unpredictable at the best of times, but this year is unlike any other. After so long, it’s a relief to return to a sense of normalcy, with players back on the ice and fans in the seats.

But does it really feel normal?

Or is there an underlying current of tension? Are pandemic-related pressures still impacting your player and preventing them from reaching their full potential?

in this workshop you will:

Kelly & Core Seven

Presented by Kelly Smales & Core Seven Coaching

November 23, 2021 @ 8:00pm EST [Toronto / New York] via Zoom

Kelly billeted OHL hockey players for 10 years and was also the billet coordinator for the better part of that time. In this role, she acted as a confidential liaison and support person for players, billets, parents, and coaches.

Now as founder of Core Seven Coaching, she provides off-ice, systemized programs for elite hockey coaches and players that get to the root of issues within teams. Core Seven provides effective solutions with a focus on communication, engagement & team chemistry that are built on respect.

Kelly Smales, PCC, CPC, FCA

Kelly is one of the most caring and genuine people I’ve come across. She wholeheartedly cares about the boys she brought into her home and billeted. She loved these boys as her own and has made lasting friendships with not only the players but their families.

- Karen Battler OHL Billet “Mom”, Office Manager/Leader of Operations, Speedvale Dental Centre